The web-based learning environments composed in the Science Education Centre at the University of Tartu, Estonia


 Cell World

"Cell World" is a learning environment in 7 languages for high school students introducing 10 biological processes in eukaryotic cell. Each model has four different tasks. In the first and second task, a learner has to add necessary molecules or cell components so that the biological process will run according to the task. In the third and fourth task, the process is already in progress and the learner is asked to modify the model for getting a different result.
"Cell World"
"Die Welt der Zelle"
"Le Monde Cellulaire"
"Cellernas Värld"
"Il mondo della cellula"
"Swiat komórek" 

"Young Researcher" is an inquiry learning environment for teaching 5 topics of biology to the students from the 6th to 9th grade. They learn how to formulate problems, research questions, and hypotheses, to plan and execute experiments in reality and with help of computer-based models, to analyse collected results in order to make inferences and generalisations.


 Young Researcher

 Young Scientist

"Young Scientist" is an inquiry learning environment consisting 30 problem solving tasks for the 4th-6th grade students on science topics: Earth in Space, Human Body, Water and Air, Garden and Field, and Lake and River. It develops students' inquiry skills and improves their understanding on natural processes.

"Hiking Across Estonia" is a simulation environment for the 5th-12th grade students. The learning situation is presented as a virtual hike through five ecosystems: heath forest, meadow, grove, waterside meadow, and bog. Each ecosystem consists of 5 problem solving tasks on different topics of biology and environment protection.

 Hiking Across Estonia

 Science Models for Basic School

"Science Models for Basic School" consists of 31conceptual models and worksheets for the 7th-9th grade students, developing their scientific understanding on natural processes related to the school physics, chemistry, and biology. The models are composed in co-operation with the enterprise 5D Vision.

"Estonian Plants" is a database of about 300 species of Estonian Angiosperms (flowering plants), Gymnosperms, Pteridophytes (ferns), and Bryophytes (mosses). This material is applicable in school biology and environmental education. The web site includes students' worksheets and electronic tests.

 Estonian Plants

 Estonian Vertebrates

"Estonian Vertebrates" is a database about Estonian fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. It consists of general information about vertebrates, lists of all the species of Estonian vertebrates, and survey of all the groups emphasizing the local Estonian aspects. The environment is applicable in school biology and environmental education, it includes students' worksheets, electronic tests, and a program for learning birds' song.

"How to solve environmental dilemmas?" is a selection of learning materials for environmental role-plays, developed in cooperation with science teachers. Methodology and materials are provided for face-to-face and online lessons.

 How to solve environmental dilemmas?


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